Start a Watch List

First, start by browsing the auction lots and adding the ones you are interested in to your Watch List.

Place a Bid

Now you are ready to place a bid. You have two options here, either use the quick bid button to place the minimum bid. A minimum bid is placed based on the existing bid. Example: If Lot 'A' has a bid of $10 a quick bid would make your bid $11. Then you have another lot you are interested in, Lot 'B'. Lot 'B' is $120. When you add a quick bid here your bid will be $125. Bids are incrementally increased depending on the size of the bid. See next. When you place the bid you will immediately shown if your bid is indeed the winning bid. If not, there is a higher bid on the lot called a proxy bid. See below. You have to beat the existing proxy bid to have a winning bid. You can't see another bidders proxy/high bid. Place all bids in the space beside the green Submit Bid button.

Bid Increments

Price Level             Bid Increment

$0.00 - $24.99               $1.00

$25.00 - $99.99             $2.50

$100.00 - $199.99         $5.00

$200.00 - $999.99         $10.00

$1000.00 - $4999.99     $25.00

$5000.00 - $9999.99     $50.00

Proxy Bid

A proxy is to place a bid that is higher than increment required and the system, the online software, will place bids for you, incrementally higher by the increments shown above beating out counter bids until it reaches the limit you place in the bid box.


A lot has a winning bid of $30. You decide a high bid of $50 and place this bid, your proxy bid. This will first make you the winning bid by the next increment higher, in this case a $2.50 increment, or $32.50 winning bid. The system will continue to outbid any other bid by the next increment until it reaches your proxy/high bid. If your proxy bid is outbid you will then be notified by email. You can then decide to continue bidding or add another proxy bid. No other person can see your proxy bid. You enter the bid in the placeholder beside the green Submit Bid button.

Reviewing Your Bids During an auction you can check the status of your bids at anytime. Note that no bids can be withdrawn after the auction, for any reason, after auction begins to close.
The amount bid can be increased but cannot be decreased. Rosehill Online may, at their discretion, allow you to withdraw and resubmit a bid in the case of bids containing an obvious typographical error before the auction begins to close. You may forward a request to withdraw a bid and resubmit a correct bid by immediately sending an email to the Rosehill Online, however, there is no guarantee that any bid will be withdrawn.

Bidding Commitment 

Once you have clicked and agreed to the terms and then confirmed and submitted the bid, it cannot be retracted. Because bids are permanent, when you bid you are given a second confirmation that must be agreed to before placing the bid, so you have that opportunity to click cancel. Please review that message before clicking 'confirm' as it will verify the amount being bid, and the item the bid is being placed on.

Once placed we can not allow bids to be retracted as it undermines the fairness of the process for all participants.  We can not contact other bidders for that lot, nor can we remove the bid. 

If you have made this error 24 hours before closing, there is a good chance you are going to be outbid anyway as bidding gets competitive in the last day of closing, but we can not guarantee that, and if you do win you will be responsible for that lot- which includes paying for and picking up the lot.


You can start bidding on lots as soon as the event opens. Bids are accepted on lots until that lot closes. To view the close of the lot find the countdown clock  that is found with each lot. Note, the event close time is the beginning of the lots closing. This is not the time all lots close. Lots close incrementally in groups to allow equal opportunity to place your bids. See next...

Auto Time Extend

To allow bidders equal opportunity to respond to a winning bid closing times for a lot are extended by 2 minutes each time a winning bid is placed within 2 minutes of the lot closing. This is to prevent what is called sniping, or placing a bid in the last few seconds hoping another bidder can't get their bid in. Placing a bid with 10 seconds or less for the lot to close places you at risk of the bid possibly not being accepted on time due to internet quality and bidding activity. So waiting for the last seconds to bid is a risk we do not advise.

Bidding Notification You can choose to be notified by e-mail during the auction if you have been outbid. Please note that outbid notifications are NOT sent out once the auction begins to close.

The Winning Bid The winning bid in an auction will be the highest bid that exceeds any reserve (if a reserve exists). In the case of equal bids, the earliest bid received will be the winning bid. If a higher bid is subsequently withdrawn or removed then Rosehill Online shall have the right to accept the next highest bid

Auction Records In the unlikely event of a dispute, you agree to accept as true the information that we have in our online records.

Additions or Deletions We reserve the right to remove and/or add lots and/or items to the sale at any point during the auction.

Good Luck!