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If your issue is not addressed below, please CONTACT US.

Go to Register on the homepage or click here. Then follow the instructions. Note, you need to be 18 years of age or older and have a major credit card to register

We offer items from large retailers & distributors such as Wayfair, Costco and Amazon. These items are largely returns and vary in condition from brand new to salvage. Household items, clothes and furniture make up the bulk of the auction items.

To prevent 'sniping', meaning bidding at the last seconds of the lot closing and eliminating the chance for a counter bid, all bid times are extended 2 minutes to allow for a counter bid. Think of it as when the auctioneer at a live auction calls out for any other bids before bringing the gavel down. Two minutes will be continued to be added as long as counter bids are placed.

Our auctions begin to close on Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 7pm. Lots close in groups of 15 every two minutes. Lots auto extend their closing time of 2 minutes if there is a counter bid.

The auction requires all participating bidders to register a valid credit card as a way of securing payment. No card information is stored on our server. All information is encrypted and held on our merchants database in accordance to government regulations.

A proxy is to place a bid that is higher than the increment required by the system. The online software will place bids for you, incrementally higher by the increments equal to the quick bid amount beating out counter bids until it reaches the limit you place in the bid box. The proxy bid is placed in the same place as all bids.

Rosehill will communicate with you solely by email. All your correspondence including questions, invoices, notifications and crucial updates are sent to you by email, so we need to make sure your email is yours and is correct.

Auctions are different then purchasing through an online retailer. When you place a bid with Rosehill Online you enter a binding contract to pay for the item and remove them from our property.

The integrity of the auction is based on bids being unchanged. You can increase a bid but you cannot lower it. Only in the case of an obvious typographical error, for example entering $1000 instead of $10, can a bid be considered for deletion and only if immediately requested after the mistake. No bids can be deleted after the auction begins to close.

After the event ends all invoices are processed and the registered credit card is charged. You will receive a copy of the paid invoice in your registered email account.

We have two locations. The Burlington auction that closes on Tuesdays is located at 1047 Cooke Blvd. south of the QEW off of Waterdown Rd. The Fort Erie auction that closes on Thursdays is located at 1754 Garrison Rd. Fort Erie ON.

We only allow individuals that have been authorized by the original buyer and the auction to pickup items on another behalf. The winning bidder must inform Rosehill Online by email who will be picking the items up. They will need to bring photo ID along with the paid invoice. ON.

Come to the auction location during our business hours. Bring your paid invoice, either in paper form or digital, along with government photo ID. Use our curbside parking area and text your invoice number and parking spot to the phone number displayed at the pickup area. ON.

We offer a transfer service to all our store locations in Burlington, Fort Erie & Thorold for a $10 fee covering as many items or invoices on an event. ON.

We offer delivery of large items such as furniture and appliances to most of the GTA using an independent driver. We also offer mailing item by Canada Post delivering all over Canada.

We, unlike many auctions, allow returns. However we only accept returns for items that have been misrepresented. Buyers remorse or any other reason will not qualify for a return.

You have 7 days after picking up an item to request the item to be returned. Inspect your items as soon as you arrive home and email us if you feel an item needs to be returned. Only items misrepresented qualify for returns.

Yes. A 16% buyer’s premium is in effect on all items at every Rosehill online in Burlington and 10% buyers premium in Fort Erie auction. Please note that the buyer’s premium is a taxable service.

Having a browser screen on your computer or smart phone that is not up to date will not give you the latest information making you think you are possibly winning. Refresh stale screens if the red notification banner appears noting a stale screen. Best practice is to refresh/reload your browser often especially after submitting a bid.

We inspect all items before listing them. This is to help verify the correct condition of the item. Brand New items in our definition have not been taken out of the original container by anyone else but the package seal could be broken if we inspected it.

A reminder email is sent to all winning bidders seven days after the event ends if items are not picked up. After 14 days items still not picked up are considered abandoned and returned to Rosehill Online's property. Items have 7 days to be picked up after receiving an automated notification items have been transferred.